Plan Beforehand

  • Assure at first for what you need from this trip.Are you looking out for sandy beaches or a break from your hectic lifestyle or pure Romance it is?
  • Select destination
  • Decide on Holiday duration and date of journeys
  • Plan for activities that you enjoy or intend to do.
  • Know the costs involved

Right Destination

  • Read before you go. It helps you decide Where you want to go and when should you go?
  • Demography of travellers: Get a detailed demography of the fellow travellers with respect to age, sex & marital status.

Right Accommodation

  • Determine the travel companion
  • Always reserve your stay
  • Can be a bewildering exercise. Options such as resorts, hotels, exclusive beach-side inn’s, motels & so on.

How to Commute

  • Decide how much travel is sustainable. Family and kids restrict long, hectic travels.
  • Best mode of travel either a luxury sedan or a hatchback for road travel or bus for a overnight journey. In-flight seat bookings or train seat bookings beforehand ensures hassle free travel.

Travel Companion

  • Get to know detail related to accommodation, transportation, food and various other necessary activities.
  • Continuous assistance all round the trip at your fingertips.