SEYCHELLES…more accessible then ever before

This archipelago of 115 countries is known more for its luxurious resorts than its shoestring potential. But, it is possible to experience The Seychelles’ paradisiacal beaches, laidback local life and extraordinary national parks for a pittance.

Here’s how can you do it:

1. Budget: Though Seychelles is an expensive destination but a growing number of affordable places to stay, particularly on Mahe, Praslin & La Digue helps to cut down on expenses for accommodation. All accommodation is registered by the Ministry of Tourism, ensuring a minimum standard or services and facilities.

Also for eating outlets there lies a host of cheaper options from shore-edge restaurants to stalls offering Creole staples such as grilled fish and chicken curry.

Commuting between the islands here in Seychelles can be a bit harsh on your pockets. There is an affordable ferry service between Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, the cargo boat preferably.

2. Planning: With a robust tourism infrastructure, Seychelles is safe and easy  as a good level of English is spoken. Outside the busy high season (Dec – Jan & June – Aug), it’s not necessary to book ahead instead you can make use of inter-island ferries and bus services to reach Seychelles.

3. Activities: A wide range of activities are available in Seychelles such as Snorkelling & Trekking. A full day excursion for Snorkelling from the bay of Beau Vallon in Mahe to Baie Ternay can be organised at $128, including a barbeque and snorkelling gear. Otherwise one can hire a snorkelling kit from one of the many dive centres and explore independently at $15 per day.

Trekking is available from $45 for a half-day guided walks in the jungle-clad hills of Mahe’s Morne Seychellois National Park, including lunch and transport.



Courtesy: Lonely Planet