Prominent Honeymoon Destinations

Once in a lifetime trip requires a perfect planning which starts with choosing just the right destination. Though usual trips focus upon activities but a romantic Honeymoon trip focuses upon  each other for the newlyweds. VCONNECT Travel & Holidays recommends below options to be the destination of your lifetime.

1. Switzerland: This straight-laced destination might not be sultry or exotic but for honeymooners it is one of the safest, orderly and stunningly beautiful. Couples can simply enjoy each other and that is what the whole point of the trip remains.

2. Mauritius: A destination so enthralling that will enchant you & uplift your soul that every couple receives a personalized attention with a promise of a unique holiday. Mauritius is set in a turquoise sea and happens to be an oasis of peace and tranquility offering you an unmatched privacy.

3. Maldives: An island surrounded by the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea, Maldives is a place where honeymoon is meant to be. Maldives offers an intimate, secluded and most importantly a beautiful setting for honeymooners. A dinner under the stars or a spa treatment or just laying around in your private bungalow watching the endless turquoise waters.

4. Bali: A destination with magnet at its heart, Bali – The last paradise, compels you to keep coming back. Withsunshine throughout the year, Bali has a tropical monsoon climate for a year round visit. Bali is a truly beautiful tropical island inhibited by a remarkably artistic people who have created a dynamic society with unique arts and ceremonies.

5. Italy: Not to speak for all but Italy does demands an exception. A city built for wandering between ancient neighborhoods and discovering hole-in-the-wall restaurants, live music venues & sidewalk cafes. For some planning for an urban honeymoon, Italy happens to be a classic romantic choice.

6. Paris, France: Paris – City of Love is the world’s most popular destination where spending a day with your partner strolling off the beaten path allows to discover more and more about your better half. It is a city of inspiration, art and fashion. he night scene, the Eiffel tower and the warm atmosphere will make you feel unite.

7. Tahiti: With color of the water so amazing and you will be enchanted the moment you fly into the Islands – Moorea & Bora Bora. The airport is on the Bora Bora island. How about getting to your water bungalow wherein from the suite you can see the fishes all around you, in a Boat. Can’t get more romantic than this.

8. Bequia , Caribbean: Slow pace and easy going atmosphere – is a bit of a backwater – offers a real lazy honeymoon vacation providing you with ample time getting to know each other. The island is safe, compact and enjoys perfect weather almost all round the year.

9. Thailand: The tropical beaches of Thailand are a veritable paradise of aquamarine water, sugary white sand and breathtaking dramatic islands making it one of the Asia’s most preferred Honeymoon destination. Some such destinations inside Thailand are Phulay & Maya Bay, Koh Lipe, Patong Beach, Kata Beach & Ko Phi Phi Don.

10. Seychelles: With a year-long warm, tropical climate and highly acclaimed beaches all around the world, Seychelles happens to be one of the highly preferred for the newlyweds. A destination wherein couples can closely bond through activities such as Diving, Fishing, Snorkelling, Surfing, Hiking and Bird-watching.

11. Greece: Coastline stretching endlessly, sun-bleached ancient ruins, strong feta and stronger ouzo, Greece became another hot-spot for planning the vacation of your life. As seen in quiet a few movies, Santorini has been acclaimed continuously due to its crystal-clear  sapphire waters and whitewashed villages.