Curtains on #Citadines30 – Memories and moments

It is almost late afternoon in Brussels and the sun is not yet up and the air is nippy. It is my last day here, participating in the Citadines #30 along with three other bloggers from France, Germant and London. It has been a whirlwind tour, ten days of travelling across the European Union, across France, Germany and Belgium, spending three days in every country. I started with Cannes where bright sunshine greeted me and then I headed to Berlin where it was a mix of cloud and shine and finally at Brussels where after three days of blue skies, its a tad bit cloudy today. But the entire event started with Paris, the city of dreams, romance and fashion.

In my first post, Vote for me, the lone Indian travel blogger at Citadines #30, I wrote about the ten reasons why I am excited about the event. And now ten days later, I want to share with you some of the moments that defined the trip to me.

The Concept

Personally it gave me a high to be chosen as the only Indian blogger to participate in the event and I was very excited. I loved the concept of travelling solo in every city and being able to do my own thing at my own pace. I was a bit jittery especially at airports (a confession – I hate airports) and lugging a heavy baggage across railway stations, but then the moment I landed in a new city and started exploring it, I forgot all about it, until it was time to leave again. Sigh, now I have to pack !