Berlin 25 years later

Throughout its tumultuous history, Berlin has seen strife and triumph unfold in its streets, from weathering the dark days of the Cold War to emerging as a unified city in 1989.

One of the most famous sites is the Brandenburg Gate is beautifully curbed and marveled followed by Templeholf airport which once used to be the busiest now serves as a recreation ground for Berliners to host Kite festival. People of Berlin has a playful spirit as the people have an interest in new things and the resources here just seem to be unlimited, a lot of skills and enthusiasm and an eagerness to get involved in things for all sort of creative endeavors. Talking of creativity Street Art, no city comes close to Berlin’s exquisite array of talent and sets an example of reunification of the people of Berlin.

Urban innovation in Berlin have been considerate as the old buildings find new life with glass roofs and atrium’s and an unmatched riverside beach atmosphere. The Halloween season attracts a lot of tourists and students all around the globe. An unbeatable event takes place in Berlin every Sunday during Spring and Summer where thousands of people gather to sing Karaoke late into the night. The subcultures of Berlin can be felt during the Mauerpark flea market where different groups perform around the field.

Pergamonmuseum, the museum of Berlin houses a large collection of classical and near-east antiquities. And not to forget their also lies a hidden lake very close to the Berlin Zoo. City of Berlin is marked by a Bear known as Berlin Bear and this bear stands on the Moabit Bridge, the fighting lion structure though reminds of the city’s difficult past and depicts the strength of unification.

Berlin is politics, history, culture; its fast, quiet, a playground, colourful, grey, romantic and many more things undescribed.



Courtesy : CNN Travel

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